The Hidden Treasures, Fresh Expressions project at Rochester Cathedral is now under way. We will soon be carrying out major excavations in the Crypt (which is being prepared for our work), but in the meanwhile have made several smaller but stille exciting discoveries:

  • A lost (or more exactly hidden) medieval door in a small room just off the Crypt. The door had been hidden behind old storage cupboards and shelving, and we didn't know whether it had been completely blocked or destroyed. It was great to see it in good condition!
  • Original wall paintings on the crown of a 13th-century arch in the Crypt, thought to have been removed when the arch was blocked up in the late 18th century.
  • Pencil graffiti dating from 1835 and 1907 in the Chapter Room.

We will be posting more news from this project here and on our Facebook page (see link to the right).

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The Crypt with the concrete floor ready to be broken out before our excavationThe hidden door just off the CryptMedieval wall paintings re-exposed1835 graffiti in the Chapter Room