We carry out all types of archaeological fieldwork, from preliminary surveys through excavations and building surveys to the production of fully illustrated reports describing the results of our work.

These are written in clear and authoritative terms, but in a way that clients, English Heritage and local authority curators alike will understand. We also ensure that the latest results are communicated fully while we are on site, so that all interested parties are fully aware of discoveries (or lack of them!) and the implications of these.

Rochester Cathedral

The role of Cathedral Archaeologist involves providing advice to the Dean and Chapter on any archaeological implications of work they propose – not only in the cathedral but in its grounds (the precinct or close). Very often this advice is followed up by fieldwork, ranging from surveys and watching briefs to excavations. We have carried out many projects of this sort at Rochester Cathedral since 2006, and fully illustrated reports have been written for all of them. The photographs here provide a flavour of this work, and show the sort of fieldwork services we can provide for all our clients.