No. We can and do work all over the country, from County Durham to Devon and Cornwall, and from Cumbria to Kent. Our cathedral work alone involves places that are several hundred miles apart, from Lancashire to the Medway.

Yes. We have worked with all of English Heritage’s regional offices, and have excellent relationships with their staff, including Inspectors of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings, and Regional Directors. We also work with local authority planning archaeologists, conservation officers and others to ensure that our work meets stringent professional standards.

Yes, we retain full Employer’s Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. We can provide copies of the relevant certificates if clients require them.

Yes, we are happy to receive calls, texts or emails and will always seek to respond as quickly as possible with our initial advice, free of charge.

No, but we have featured in numerous television programmes (including series on the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace) and radio broadcasts. We do know senior members of the Time Team well, especially Mick Aston and Phil Harding. John Gater and his ‘geophys’ team also carry our surveys for us, with recent work at Blackburn and Rochester Cathedrals.

Oh yes – Graham is a Trustee of the Wicksteed Trust and is often referred to (affectionately he hopes) by fellow board members!

Generally not, but we would not rule out the idea. On the whole, though, we feel that indigenous archaeologists usually know their territory better than we could hope to.