The setting of listed buildings has come into sharp focus in recent years as something which might need as much protection as the building itself. The setting can be an indispensable part of how we experience a site - such as the Grade II listed Fullamoor Farmhouse, on the edge of the Oxfordshire village of Clifton Hampden. A proposal for a new gravel quarry literally at the end of its garden was rejected late in 2017, but has resurfaced as a new planning application. The original proposal barely even considered the issue of setting - so the owners of the farmhouse asked us to prepare a report for them instead. This produced some interesting insights into the history of the farmland between the house and the River Thames, and we've suggested that some of the woodland plantations were very deliberately placed to influence and shape views from the house. The new quarry, if approved, would have a massive impact on the house and its setting.

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